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Daily Inspiration 每天灵感

An effective mashup of old and new (LINK)

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The PirOLED is a DNA inspired contemporary lamp by OSRAM (LINK)

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First we had the dog light. Now a cat. (LINK)

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Walkover Lighting by Serralunga for a dazzling Garden. Perfect BBQ hosting place. (LINK)

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High speed car meets hi-tech lighting. (LINK)

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Perfect matching of steel and wood.

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Light Blubs Special Editions by Pieke Bergmans. -Ava Ho (LINK)

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Perfect for the night club! (LINK)

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One of the four Fixie Lamps. (LINK)

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"We can’t hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own." - Ben Sweetland

Inspired by living in Guzhen, my hometown in Southern China, also known as the China’s Lighting Capital, ThinkDots was created to archive inspiring and creative lighting designs from all over the world.

Find Sources Page
In providing an environment for lighting designers and other creatives alike to share inspirations, Thinkdots is also commited to building an extensive and useful list of reliable lighting manufacturers in Guzhen to help buyers from around the world to get better connected to reliable suppliers.

Hello there. I’m Timmy Cai
I am the founder of ThinkDots which I started up in my spare time after a hard day’s work. Having lived in New York for the most part of my life and now working in Guzhen Town, I was aspired to merge my passion for design with China’s Lighting Capital by creating this unique blog.

古镇是中国的灯饰之都,受到生活在这里的启发,我创建了Thinkdots这个网站. 收集全世界各地具有启发性,有创意,并且非常特别的灯饰设计,希望能够大家一起欣赏.


大家好,我是蔡瑞添. 我是ThinkDots的创始人. 在纽约过了人生大部分,现在来到古镇工作. 为了将我对设计的热爱和古镇的灯饰行业融合在一起。在一天的辛苦工作之后,我在空闲时间做了这个特别的网站.

I hope you love this site as much as I do. Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS FEED or follow ThinkDots on TWITTER.

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Hello, 你好, Bonjour,
こんにちは, Hola,

Have you got any questions, suggestions or are you interested in teaming up? I would love to hear from you. You can also use this form if you are a lighting manufacturer located in Guzhen and would like to be added to our FIND SOURCES page. If you would like to submit your, or somebody else’s work, then please use the Submit form.

Do you want to advertise on ThinkDots? Send me an email.

如果有任何问题,建议或者是想加入我们一起合作,欢迎咨询和探讨,如果你是在古镇生产灯饰的厂家,并且希望加入到Thinkdots资源区,如果你有值得分享的设计,请在提交表格上申请. 期待你的回音.